Finding My Legs

This past fall marked the end of my collegiate cross country campaign and, all of the sudden, I found myself thrust into the abyss without a structured training regimen that I had grown familiar and gotten comfortable with since high school.

My collegiate career had its peaks and valleys, but the cyclical aspect of training remained a constant. I took most for granted the luxury of having a mindless routine. I had very few decisions to make on my own – practice was at 4:30 and a prescribed run waiting for me with a coach and teammates to keep me accountable. I didn’t have to fight the daily mental battle of should I run/where to run/how fast to run/how far to run. However, I walked away from my last season feeling burnt out and in need of a hiatus from the training cycle.

I’ve been spending the last few months re-establishing my relationship with running. Like a foal getting used to her new awkward legs, I’ve been curiously trying to find my new rhythm. While my college experience was good, I know there’s untapped potential in these legs.


As of late, I’ve been running fast when I feel like it, chasing hills, and running whatever races tickle my fancy. Despite this informal approach, I could feel my fitness and motivation growing again.

I’m sure that I’ll soon be itching to reintroduce structured training in order to reach some ambitious goals that I have on my mind, but just not quite yet.


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