A Tale of Three Races

Hello from Portland!

Did you know that Portland was almost named Boston, Oregon? The name was decided by a coin flip between two settlers who each wanted it to be named after their hometown (Portland, ME and Boston, MA).

I’m out here to race USA mountain champs tomorrow and have found myself with some downtime to write on summer racing.

Two weekends ago, things got a tad farcical. I raced 3 times, in 4 days, in 3 states. Excessive? Yes. The urban streets of NYC, the beaches of jersey, and the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania served to be a crazy trinity.

Here’s the skinny on each:

Orchard Street Runners Women’s 10k
hursday, July 9th


I was thrilled to finish in 3rd place (39:32) of an intimate field of 12 fast ladies. In true OSR fashion, this race was open and unsanctioned through the busy streets of nyc rush hour. Starting and finishing at Lost Weekend on the lower east side, we headed over the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn and followed the bike path to the Manhattan Bridge, where we crossed to reach the finish. The course was smooth and the bike crew did a great job of managing intersections and traffic.


Top 5 Women

Belmar 5 Mile
aturday, July 11th


5th place/31:09.

My goal prior to this race was simply to run faster than I had at Spring Lake in May (31:31).  I started in about 15th place or so with a pretty relaxed first mile. I moved up a few spots during the next two miles and then hung on for 5th through miles 4-5.

The heat was worse than expected and the wind was rough around mile 3. Overall, I was really happy with my performance. Not necessarily because of the time/place, but more so because it was the smartest races I’ve run in a while. I was conservative at times, but also committed to some brave moves when necessary.

Speedy 4th place finisher, Patrick Casterline
Top 4 men, Top 5 women

Iron horse 8k, Black Diamond Running Series
unday, July 11th


I headed home to Scranton, PA to wake up my trail legs. Since I won the first race of the series last month, I was looking to score enough points to stay in the series lead, despite having heavy legs. The course was brutal from the start and I knew within the first 25 seconds that it would be a death march to the finish. Although I didn’t feel great, I had fun fighting the hills and getting muddy. I had enough in the tank to finish 1st in a time of 43:28.

Before leaving, a few of us made the trek back up the mountain one more time to hit the zipline.

All in all, I fared pretty well recovery-wise. I was a tad sore the next two days, but took it easy for the rest of the week anyway in preparation for tomorrow’s race.


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