Racing in the Streets

Thanksgiving week: 3 races, 6 days.

It was fun to line up (multiple times) and race after some time off. I started the week with the Philadelphia Half Marathon, which had been my goal race for the last few months. I followed with the 106th Run for the Diamonds in Berwick, PA (a Thanksgiving morning tradition). Lastly, on a whim, I hopped in the Green Ridge Mile (another thanksgiving week classic).

  1. Philly Half Marathon
    1:25:54, 43rdMy goals for philly were two-tiered: on a broad level, I simply wanted to run faster than I ran at the Scranton Half in April (first half, 86:06). More specifically, I wanted to run sub-84 minutes. I was confident in my training and knew that I had the fitness to do so.

    I started off on pace and it felt surprisingly comfortable. Not once during the first 10k or so, did I question whether or not I was straining too much or worry that I wouldn’t be able to hold the pace until the end. Around the halfway point or so, the group I was running with got split up at a water stop and we were no longer shielded from the wind by buildings. Around this point, I seemed to fall out of rhythm and struggled to regain it for the rest of the race. Miles 8-12 were not pretty.
    I did some blurry race math around mile 12.5  and realized how close to the wire I was cutting it. I was able to compose myself and squeeze out a faster last mile in order to break 86 minutes and better my personal record.The race weekend was lovely, in general. I was able to catch up with some great people and spend time with a few of my best and oldest friends. I also had the chance to witness  Patrick run the marathon and clinch a well-earned PR.


  2. Run for the Diamonds
    60:39, 10thDiamonds! This was the most enjoyable run of the trifecta. I woke up on Thanksgiving morning bright and early and made the trek to Berwick and met up with the Scranton Running Company gang.12314067_10154222300005288_1687961650884846145_n

    Diamonds has longstanding rep of being brutally hilly and has definitely kicked my defeated my in the past. Because my legs were still recovering from the half marathon and the course being the mountainous monster that it is, I figured sub-63/top 20 was a realistic benchmark to shoot for. I felt decent on the warm-up and was excited to chase some hills.

    I ran the first mile bit too fast  but then backed off and stayed conservative for the next few miles. After coming through halfway in 31:30, I used the rolling hills on the back end to my advantage and was able to drop my pace and pick up a few spots, finishing 10th.



  3. Green Ridge Mile
    5:24, 2nd

    I was unsure about running the mile until 15 minutes before the start. My legs felt sore on my shake out the day before, so I figured I’d would make it a game-time decision. I was quickly convinced to run after talking to some SRC co-workers.12321114_10153589599220743_6509886836586669759_nSince it was my first race under a 5k in over 2 years, I was expecting it to feel like a sprint to the finish (and it did). I was happy to come out with a PR and had a blast spending time with runner friends.

It took me a few days to feel like myself again when running, but now I’m feeling 100% recovered and looking forward to getting off the roads and getting muddy at Golden Gate Park on Saturday’s USATF Club Cross Country Championships.


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